Friday, January 23, 2009

Sundance 22nd

I went back to Sundance for a third installment. This time without my video camera. There was no way to get it up on the site for the day anyways, plus, I really wanted to give my still cameras a workout. I ran across Mike Terry and had some great conversation. It was cool to watch him work the scene as well. Out of this set of images I probably like the one of Woody with his camera. It's the most candid image I probably got in a not very candid world of Sundance.


Mike Terry said...

top two are my favs. Billy Bob looks like a Billy Bob in that photo.

Nichole said...

Ok, i know this is going to sound all girly and sappy but i just want to tell you that i think it is so wonderful that you get to do what you love! I just think back on when we were 15 and 16 years old and how when much you loved taking pictures then when most 15 year old boys didn't care much about anything. Now to see you as an adult doing what you love and capturing amazing images of people and things, it kinda makes me want to cry:) Your photos are amazing...i'm a big fan.