Monday, July 5, 2010

Change of Plans

The plan was to shoot a pie eating contest. That was cancelled so I did what I wound up doing all day, shooting features. When looking at the big picture throwing a bunch of features of the 4th of July throughout the Magic Valley isn't really a bad way to go. Gives the reader a little snapshot into the lives of communities. While almost nothing went according to plan on Sunday, I think the paper had the opportunity to run some really nice general art. In the end I was content.

Cowboy Up

An outfielder dives for the ball, and yes he caught it. Shooting the outfield is often tough but I liked this one enough to throw it up here. Twin Falls ended up winning the game.

4th of July 2010

Game Plan A: Shoot parachuters raining down upon the masses and nail a vertical fireworks photo. Deadline 9:45 pm. Problem with Plan A is parachuters got cancelled due to liability issues I was told by CSI Security detail and the fireworks weren't taking place until 10:20 pm.
Plan B: Shoot the band playing on the CSI campus. Problem, band was done with their sound check and not playing until 9:15 pm. Not enough time for a turnaround (keeping in mind I have no way to transmit from location)
Plan C: Shoot vertical features....done.

Diamondfield Jack

Went all the way out to Albion with one of our new reporters Laura and I made this image of Spencer an eight year old that participated in a look-a-like contest. The whole community came out and had a grand ole' time while listening to bands and eating greasy food.

Rural Fire

Chalking it up to T-storms there were a number of fires last week. After noticing smoke about 2 miles away from where I live I did what any photojournalist worth a damn would do. I grabbed my gear and scoped it out. Here are two that I sorta liked. I turned in another one with flames for the paper.

Wet and Wild Regatta

This was my second year covering this little gem. Still ran into some of the same issues such as why my name was left off the media list again and how could I forget sun block. While my action images were no better then last years I do feel I got better feature images so I guess I'm headed in the right direction. It was great to get outside and get paid to do what I love.