Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We Are Heroes

Well, it's no David Archuleta at a Jazz game but it's the next best thing I suppose. "We Are Heroes' is a dance group who has apparently garnered national attention on television for their routines. The girl on the far right is a native of Twin Falls and she wanted to show the rest of the gang what Idaho is all about I guess.


I was happy with this shoot. Granted I may not have gotten any portfolio images out of it but I had plenty of images to work with. The crowd was bigger than usual it seemed and I had trouble getting some of the angles I wanted. (Stupid spectators) :) No matter in the end I got what I needed.

Behind the Scene

So after hearing more than my share of horror stories over the past few weeks on photo gear turning up missing I decided to finally scout out the media room at CSI. Turning the corner on my search I came across these images. Couldn't decide which one I liked best.
As for the media room, I found a huge door that said, "Media" on it and once inside I found the only plug-in and it was in the worst possible spot. Ended up pulling two chairs together one for a table and the other to sit on. It was ridiculous to say the least but at least I wasn't overly concerned for my gear anymore.

Sports Feature (sorta)

I was shooting overhead when I turned and saw this image. I ended up e-mailing it to the mother who works at the college I was shooting at. Never hurts to kiss a little ass right?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aggressive Women's Basketball

Can anyone say "eye gouge"? Granted it still may not be as good as Detrick's image but I'm getting closer. As for the game, it wasn't even close. CSI blew CNCC out of the water by around 30 points.

Wrestling Galore

Shot some wrestling in Buhl, Idaho. Outside of draining my batteries nothing really exciting happened.

Water Coloring

Figured I'd have some photoshop fun after playing with a vase, water and food coloring for a while. Thought this one created a unique view.


With almost no one in the stands I figured I'd still have a fairly clean background if I switched up my position for a while. Here CSI takes on Idaho Select which turns out to be a bunch of ex college has beens who seem to think they still have what it takes to competitively compete.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Rorschach test redux

This little 30 minute project was SO much fun. Got the idea when I googled "creative still camera techniques" Watched a quick 7 min. tutorial, changed the things I didn't like in it and went from there. Once in photoshop I got the idea to make it like an ink blot only it's a "smoke blot". What do you see?