Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm gonna Turkey Shootin' - Grandma.

Honestly I didn't think anyone would care about Weber's ROTC Turkey Shoot. I was quickly proven wrong, the line was out the door, really out the door. Everyone from retired Colonels to grandmothers, to 18 year-old women, to hunters participated in the event. I was impressed.


After shooting this food profile on the fly I've been dying to get back in there for some grub. Just haven't been able to find anyone to go with yet....Hmmm.

Village Green

Actors. Some photogs hate working with them due to creative differences but I find them quite entertaining and usually a delight to work with.


This teenager burned 60% of his body a year ago. After several painful procedures he's getting back on track with his life, school, peers, and whatever else there's to be on track about. I was able to build some trust with taking his picture by telling him about my burn experience back in 05'. Remembering the pain I went through and no insurance to deal with it I can only imagine what burning 60% would feel like. Oh, as for the photo, our intern had the location light kit so this is lit by a 60 watt light bulb in his room. Wish I could have done more.

Drivers Ed Yay or Ney

So Jessica here doesn't give a damn about driving. Oh Yeah, she's an actress too. I remember taking Drivers Ed back when I was 14 and received my DL on my 15th birthday. Which means I've been driving for a helluva long time now that I think about it. Anyways, this was the best scene I could come with on short notice. We ran with a different image for the paper which was probably better but I liked the expression on this one.

Turn, Turn, Turn

That's right it's the frontman for the Byrds. Quite a nice fellow too. He did a little Q&A at Weber State the other day and the first person I called after the shoot was my Mother to tell her all about it. lol

Veterans 4 Life

I couldn't help but notice this veteran staring at me with lifeless eyes. He had seen things, things I couldn't imagine. The story was simple, photograph veterans during a ceremony at a rest home. I did that. I shot the Jr. ROTC present the flags and saw these young men and women rearing to get into the military. I wonder what the gentleman in the image would say. He sat through the ceremony slient. I respected that.

Hunting for Swim Features and of course the ole' Sports Action

Swimming. Lots of swimming. So I decided to narrow in on the races that would give me better images and then focus on swim features for a gallery. Came up with a couple that I really liked. What I also took from the meet is that these are the kids with no other sport for the most part. All shapes and sizes all skill levels compete at these swim meets. Everyone makes the team and it's really about a personal best and not beating the person next to you. I hope one day Swimming will get more coverage, it's a feel good sport and everyone likes to feel good. On another note it was humid as all hell in the Layton Surf N' Swim, good thing I had my trunks on underneath my jeans or I would have been roasted.


Back when I went to ISU I never went to a single football/basketball game or any other sporting event for that matter. You see I lived 50 miles away from the main campus and honestly didn't care much about sports back then. I covered my first ISU football game as an intern at the Post Register. So when I had the chance to run up to Poky and cover the game I didn't hesitate. Wish ISU had been better, a bit of an ass kicking really, and there was no tailgate party to be had on ISU's part. WSU had more tailgaters than ISU to be honest. Regardless, it was a great time and I throughly enjoyed myself.

Fresh View

Here's a couple more from the Mountain Air post. Figured I had to have people in at least some of them.

Mountain Air

Here are some senics I took up near the Eden/Huntsville area a while back. I felt like hell with a head cold but it was a blessing to get out into the mountain air and take some images.

Life into Death: A full circle

This little guy might not have much time left. His sister sits and watches movies with him often I'm told. While I was there with Karson he often smiled and had more life in his eyes than any baby I'd ever seen. He couldn't move much but everytime he did he caused me to smile. Best wishes to him and his family.

Guelph n' it up

Liked the angle on image one, it's one of the steeper steps I've seen in a while. Image 2 is a bit closer than most and I liked the hard horizontal. Oh and where the hell is the University of Guelph?

Honk 4 Holbrook

I don't know, it's not everyday I see actual politicans even low cailber ones stand out on street corners and hold honk signs.

Volleyball again

Thought it was a decent dig image. Always persuing that elusive port pic.

Me and ...

What can I say, I needed proof that I was there. Anybody could've taken the photos right? The second image was at the ISU vs. WSU game up in ID. I went to ISU so I always have Robert Casey take a picture of me with either the dancers or the cheerleaders. As for the top image as you probably already know I'm at the BYU/Utah game.