Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chicken of the Orange

I can't remember who's blog it was but someone was saying how they really love to shoot food. Well, so do I. I really enjoy trying to create a commercial feel sometimes like a product shot back in college. Let me know if you think I pulled this one off. No flash, just natural light like usual due to the lack of a pocket wizard or an off camera flash cable. Damn budget restraints! Oh and I left the top room for text use if you were wondering.

Valley View Golf Tourney

Shot a little golf last week. As always it's the one thing I'd rather put down the cameras and pick up the clubs. The weather was a bit wet and overcast but really it was simply delightful to be out.

Balloon Release

Not all of what we do is fun. Covering a balloon release for a child killed in a car accident is a sad event. Sad enough that the teacher didn't even want us to know about it. I feel the release was more for the parents and teachers that knew the boy more then the children. Most of the kids were hopping and skipping around without a care in the world grasping tight onto their balloon. Others became sad solely for the reason that their teacher was crying I think. Events like this make us better people I hope.

Jazz Vs. Lakers Game 6 Western Conf. Semi-Finals

Sorry it took so long to get these posted after seeing Trent's go up I decided to get some of mine up as well. This was the most exciting game I'd ever been to. Nothing to lose for the Jazz and I'm sitting next to Andrew Bernstein (#1 NBA Photographer) and Chris Detrick (who we all know is one of the top sports shooters in the country now) So to say the least I was pumped up. Hell, I was even cleaning all my gear like I was getting ready to go into battle or something. lol. All in all it was a great game, sorry the Jazz had to lose, I would love to shoot into June sometime.

This was meant to be our lead but the PIC said the ftp had went down and Sports ended up using all AP photos. It made Matt and I sick to our stomachs after busting our asses for hours.

My "Trent-Like" hand photo.
Sums up the season. All-Star Boozer resting his hand on the Jazz throttle.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hardcore Softball

I haven't quite figured out the best way for me to shoot softball. 400mm, 300mm, converter or no converter. I've tried all of them and they've all had their pros and cons. Today I shot with the 3 w/ a converter along with the ole' trusty 70-200. It was alot of fun but I'll admit my lower back was killing me after hand-holding that 3 for so long. Anyways here's a couple of my favs, also put up a slideshow on Standard net. Oh and if anyone knows that really cool older gent at all these games lemme know, I can't ever remember his name yet he knows mine. Drives me nuts! lol. Happy shooting!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Featured : Mountain Man Rendezvous

So before I go searching for wild art all over the county an editor of mine tells me about some mountain man gig in Bountiful. Turns out to be some decent art so I post it here for you all to see.

Monday, May 12, 2008

American Idol Overkill?

I feel for this kid. Shy, quiet, almost timid, until he sings. Swarmed by the media I decided to hang back and shoot with a 400 mm 2.8. Yeah, I even hand-held it, (boy, did that suck). On another note I also rode the new FrontRunner to the game and did a video of it. Kinda fun even though I feel I sold some of my journalistic soul by putting so much of my personality into the video. It's what the boss wanted though. you can check that out at if you want.

Bridal Work

I haven't done bridal work for almost 2 years but I figured I could use a little extra coin in my pocket so here's some of my favs. The bride is a friend of mine and fun as could be.

Utah State University Graduation

So I covered USU's commencement a while back. I had never been to a college graduation even skipped my own so it was kinda fun finally going to one.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Game 4 Jazz Vs. Houston

The energy during play-off games is so amazing to me. Many photographers have told me I'm crazy not to bring ear-plugs but I say bring on the noise. I just wish every true fan could for even a few moments sit where us photographers get to be for these games. It truly is an experience I hope never to take for granted. Due to NBA regs I'm not quite sure about posting images from the game but here's one of the famous Bear. (He's got to be getting old) ;)