Friday, June 20, 2008


British Soccer at it's best. Little kids kicking balls around and getting grass stains. The brits were pretty cool too. Good times!

The Minor Leagues

So we've become buddies with a paper down South so we've been trading images. Here's one I took at our Minor League home opener for them. Somewhat typical I know but I liked how the background worked out. The one thing I did have issues with is that our stadium added tons of box seats to the stands making it so that there are no places for photogs to shoot from now. I received less grief shooting from the dugout.

Skate or Die

Figured I'd work with these in B&W. The hard light actually worked for me on this assignment. I'll admit the video was a bit weak but I felt the images came out alright. The bloke in charge was an old skater dude that was a walking commercial, nonetheless he was way cool and easy to work with. Also, the kids were real champs.

Torah!, Torah!, Torah!

A rabbi from FL came up and restored the 100 year Torah at the Jewish Congregation here in Ogden. It was really exciting to be so close to a document that I would never have seen had I not been a photojournalist. Learning what it takes to be a scribe and a restorer was really interesting. Also it was cool to meet the Des News new intern Jeff. Sholem!

Terrace Days

Watermelon Derby. 3rd Annual at that. I had my doubts when I first got there but since I didn't have to rock a video on it my stress level was extremely low so I kicked back with a slice of pie and waited for the moments to happen. The whole event and festival is general was a lot of fun and made me wish for a second I had a real girlfriend to share it with instead of my trusty Canons. lol. Regardless lots of fun moments happened and the watermelon wasn't bad either I'm told.

The Wall that Heals

Vietnam traveling War Memorial Wall was a huge success. Three-hundred bikers escorted the wall into Ogden from Echo, Utah. My main focus was the video so the images are so-so but they convey the story I hope.

FrontRunner: The View

The FrontRunner is a new lightrail system that travels from Ogden to the City of Salt. It's a nice ride with a top speed of 79 MPH. The thing is the view is pretty ugly for a large part of it. So....we did a story.

MVP Hodge

Kelsey Hodge. Standard-Examiner Softball MVP. Really cool girl and easy to work with. Best wishes to her.

Suicide Spin

Who says you can't have fun at a teen suicidc meeting eh? I know I did...not really.


Rough week in pictures. All of these within a couple of days of one another. One was fatal.

The Roof

Sorry it's been a while. Here's a car show I covered for giggles at the end of May. Getting to that roof was scary as hell with 12 grand of gear around my neck. The bottom image caught my eye so I had to play with it.