Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer of Solstice (almost)

I figured I'd pop off a few shots with it almost being summer solstice and all plus it had been a long time since I used fill flash on a sunset and I had some time on my hands. Also, figured I'd try and show a little bit of what my back yard vista looks like.

Kitty Kat

This is a little gem I worked up from my P&S. Reminded me a bit of my former co-workers and their love for their cats. You know who you are.

Last of SLC

This is about the last image I shot while in Utah. It's of a close friend in the middle of downtown SLC. I know this post is a bit past it's sell date but I ran across this image on my point and shoot and thought it was fitting enough for the blog. To all my friends and peers in Utah I just wanted to say thanks for the memories.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The BLM Smoke Jumpers

Here are a couple I liked for the shoot but didn't turn in because they didn't help tell the story. I still liked them anyways so here they are. I was fortunate enough to hang out with Brittany Cooper the cool T.V. lady for a minute and we got to learn about smoke jumpers and things of that nature. It was a nice little shoot and met some really cool peeps. 

Monday, June 15, 2009

Kristin Armstrong (The other one)

Here's Kristin Armstrong, an Olympic Gold Medalist that resides in Boise and who came to Twin Falls for a charity event. (Oh, and no it's not Lance's wife, not even related from what I'm told.) I shot probably more than I needed too, even had one kid ask me if I was a Pap. lol. The reporter on the story asked if I would take a few candid shots of the interview, even the T.V. girl was excited about the story. Guess this is considered the big show here in the Magic Valley. Reminded me of the first time I met a bigger name. It was Bobby Seal, co-founder of the Black Panthers. Maybe one day I'll get those goose bumps again like everyone there had, until then I'll just keep shooting. :)

Western Days?

Okay, We all know 4th of July. Many of us know of Pioneer Days....but Western Days? Well, it's a huge gig here with all the trimmings. Parade, Frisbee Golf tourney's, farmers markets, craft fairs, etc etc. My job was to cover the parade. 

Daytime Football

Great times. This was actually an 8 man all-star game I was covering, so basically 1A schools. :) At the end of the day though it really didn't matter, the light was out. Reporter on the story was an Ace as well. Cool peeps. It's great to be back even if it's not at full capacity. Thank goodness these guys have a 300 I can use. 

A quick trip

Top: My friend decided about 10 months ago to grow a mohawk. This was the first time I'd seen it in almost five months. 
Second image is an idea I stole from an E-mail my Mother sent me. Kinda a cool look and something I hadn't ever really thought of doing. Could be the next niche portrait work I do. Simple, Easy, and you know the high school kids will love it.