Saturday, July 19, 2008

NFL JPD League Project

I'm working on a youth football project. Should have it wrapped up on Tuesday. I'm focused mainly on following two players and their challenges but I figured I'd post my stills which are more general on here for now.
Last Day of Camp. Lots of fun, lots of action. The kids are by far much more comfortable with one another then that first day of camp. The look of confidence is far more wide spread as well. Sorry it took so long to get the last images on here, they fell through the cracks like a few of my other new posts did. :)


Top Image: The Dark Knight - Kids in line for a movie why not try to jazz it up eh?

I helped teach a photo workshop up at Snow Bird with my high school photo instructor. It was a blast! Also, my close friend was there teaching as well so it was simply over the top good fun. Can't wait to do it again next year. Here's just a quick image I shot while hanging out for a bit.
Quilting doesn't really do it for me. Sorry, I'm not sorry. However for some looking over 80 different quilts makes their day and for that I'm happy. :)

Doctor anyone?

Kelli Jensen, 22, wants to be a nurse.

Flame On!

A fire broke out in W. Ogden the other day. After taking a plume of smoke to the face I was able to get the top shot. It was fun covering a fire with actual flames, I usually don't get the call in time.

Summer Fun

We did a feature story on summer reading which was really just a party for small children. 

Friday, July 18, 2008


Good Food, Good Peers, Good Fight?. What more could you ask for.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Raptors - Lindquist Field

Top Image: My computer is a piece of shit. Therefore while waiting for my images to upload I popped in a fresh card and came up with this shot from the pressbox. Personally my favorite baseball image so far in 08'
Third Image: Tight is right I thought it was graphically sorta cool.
5th Image: Strange. Thought it was a unique feature. Reminds me of a ghost during Halloween.
Last Image: White Trash!

Origami Lady

A woman came to the library the other day and taught origami to children. There were some great expressions that came from it.

Surf N' Swim

Just a couple of Water Features I shot a while back. Kids are so funny to watch. You can just see the wheels turning at times.