Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Soccer Spot On

Top Image: Yeah that ball nailed me and my 400mm. Even received an E-mail asking if I was alright. lol. Other than that a pretty typical soccer game.

VFW Shindig

It was hard making images at this thing. Very little of it was organized and almost no one showed up. I got as creative as I could but I don't think the presentation desk liked it. I don't know what they ran but if it had been up to me it would have been this one. At least it's bright right.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Streetlight named....

Oh hell who cares right? Well kids it isn't all galmorous as any true blue Photojournalist will tell ya. Trent did an awesome post on this a while back and I won't try to out do it by any means. But shooting a streetlight for an illustration simply cracked me up. Don't get me wrong, I took out a 400 with a converter and staked out a good spot and watched out to keep a clean background off to the right for copy. I fulfilled my photog duties for the day. lol. BTW as you probably already know this is a composite image. :)

V Ball

I'm tellin' ya, V Ball is tough, rough, and merciless. Hardest sport I shoot bar none. My goal this year is to get a portfolio pic out of it. We'll see, trust me you guys will be the first to know.

Antelope Island

So I was assigned to shoot the low water line of the Great Salt Lake the other day. I always have heard of Antelope Island but I'd never been there. In fact, I'd never been to the Lake at all. Having lived here for 3 years now and considering the job I have it's quite strange I thought. But there I was, so I shot some images and did a little hiking. Good stuff.

HS Football Galore

I shot this game a bit different than I usually do. You see Mountain Crest isn't inside our readership, hence I'm not suppose to really give a damn about them. Making it easier for me to concentrate more on just one team allowed me to get some really grand fan shots I thought. I plan on doing a side project with them later but that's another story. Anyways, great game and lots of fun. I gave the student photogs tips on better photography such as holding the damn camera correctly which of course they couldn't seem to get but oh well, they'll have hi-def video cameras in a few years for frame grabs so what's the point right? Also, there was a guy there that was shooting with a 400mm 2.8 for some company that sells prints. Usually these guys don't know shit and shoot with a 70-200 with a monopod to look cool but this guy actually knew his stuff. Good luck to him.

Girls Soccer

Both coaches of these teams are Rad. Yeah, I said it Rad. The girls were cool too and the action was well, there was plenty of it as always.

Ped Safety

Top: This little girl waits patiently while her Mom mingles with school admins. The poster she's looking at was taken by freelancer Robert Casey. If any of you know Casey this screams him. (No pun intended). Image Two was a feature I saw while waiting for something other than a podium shot.

Falcs Vs. Braves

Woo Hoo! Two local teams just battling it out on the field. The air was electric. Image one was my try at Trent Nelson's awesome image from last year that won an award or two I do believe. I didn't get what I was looking for but it's still solid slide show material. The last image I had to throw up because I couldn't stop laughing when I took it. I scared the complete shit out of this poor cheerleader, not on purpose of course but when someone all of a sudden has a 16mm in your face I guess your first response may resemble hers. lol. Sorry cheerleader girl.

Utah Symphony

I was shooting for possible Go cover art. I just really liked the light on these images so I figured I'd share them for those of you that gander at this blog from time to time. The real story is that I rode down with Linda our music reporter and it turns out she's cool as hell. Makes one question how many other cool people work at your place of business that you don't really know. Homework for the week: Introduce yourself to one new person every day at the office. :)

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a....Chinese version of Superman?

So the Chinese Olympic 2010 ski team decided to take the day off of work and do a little iFly. Getting idents was a bitch but I got to practice my awesome hand signals. All n' all they were all really nice and humble people.

Treadmills are for the Dogs!

Most people I've come across say that if you don't have time to walk your dog you shouldn't have one. I agree with those people. However, I do remember last winter when there was about three feet of snow on the ground and I came across a feature of a woman walking her little dog. That poor dog looked like it was fighting for its life in the trenches. So, my thinking is that this little treadmill might not be a bad idea for small dogs during Utah's big winters.

Cat and Mouse

I went out to WSU on the first day of the semester for a feature image. I came across this lovely girl and well, she came across me I suppose. So being the sneaky fly on the wall that I am I hid behind a tree while I think she's looking for me I snatched this image before she spotted me again. After a nice little conversation I let her get back to work.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Drive Thru

Many people think we get to go to the coolest things around. Hell, most of the time I'm the one telling them that. However, sometimes we only get to be at those events for a few minutes. For example for me that was the Box Elder County Fair. After driving 40 mins to get there I had about 8 mins. to shoot it before our 4 O'clock meeting needed it to plan out the paper for the day. Needless to say I was a bit grumpy that day because that had not been the plan. Oh well.

Bonneville Vs. Layton Football

Layton doing what Layton does. Win football games. The crowd was great and everyone there was just as excited as I was to have football back underway. Image three I thought was sorta weird. Little girls looking well, sorta trashy. and image six was funny in my eyes.

Concerts Squared

Two concerts in one day. One was the battle of the bands in N. Ogden and the other was Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband in Layton. Talk about running your ass off! In the end though it was a lot of fun because I haven't been to practically any concerts in my life so to go to two in a day was excelerating.

Battle of the Bands N. Ogden Stylieee

I had previously posted "Flyer" and now I finally have had time to get a few more images up. I actually liked a lot of the shoot but looking over them again I feel most of them are simply "almost" images. Hence I only show these. I thought the head banger image was a bit different because it seems I always get this shot under crazy lighting conditions ie indoor concerts so to get it under natural light was different for me. The other image is a kid I've shot before and who is super cool. Best of luck to him and his band(s).


Down with the old! The former Standard-Examiner building was brought down and for old times sake we did a little diddy on it.