Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shooting Sports Again!!!!

Damn it's good to have a 300mm back in my hands. Granted I wish it had been a 400 for baseball but nonetheless it felt right. Anticipating the moment, squeezing the release, following through the action. It puts a sports shooter high on life. This was basically an All-Star game in Twin Falls that I shot. I had to readjust to shooting a Nikon D1H compared to Canon Mark III's but after a couple of innings I had knocked enough rust off to at least capture a few images including these two. For those of you who have kept up on checking for my updates only to see nothing new I hope for now that will change. Don't give up on me yet. Take care and lets all record some history. :)


Came across these little eggs amongst the gavel near where I live. I've been told they're KillDeer eggs and I found the Mother only a moment later. Turns out the parent pretends to be injured while hoping to draw attention away from it's eggs. The weird things I come across back here in Idaho. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Long Time Coming

It's been a long time coming for a trip back home to St. Jo, Missouri as well as a blog post. Over the next three entries you'll see in no particular order some of my favorite images from my five day trip to the Mid-West. These top two are my favorites. The first just had that amazing texture that you often find in black and white prints along with great gradual tones from black to white. I was impressed with my old D1H. I know my awesome photography professor Tim Frazier would scowl me for splitting the frame but nonetheless I enjoy this photo. Number two is a street scene in KC, MO. After shooting straight frames for the last five years give or take I'm beginning to enjoy the freedoms PhotoShop affords. It's fun knocking some rust off and just playing with the curves and layers in some of these images. The bottom frame is a candid of my grandfather Bob Nash chowing down in a pub in the Power and Light District in Kansas City, MO. The whole trip was filled with laughter and smiles and most of all stories with which I will hold dear to my heart for years to come. 

Missouri take 2

I covered a little bit of the city market it KC which was the closest thing to an event assignment I've had in months. Of course I didn't worry about idents and with limited lens selection (I only have an 18-50 2.8) I could only shoot so many angles that I wanted. Regardless it was fun to wander about shooting pictures.
As for the structure images I love seeing where other shooters work from so I always try to get a pic. I wish I had arranged for a tour and a little meet and greet with the photo editors at the papers so maybe next time. BTW the Kansas City Star has some of the best photo play I've seen from a rag. Very nice.
The bottom image is of the original Pony Express stables. It was a fun little tour and I enjoyed shooting with the hard natural light around me.

St. Joseph, MO : Hometown

These are random images from my endeavor to Missouri. All of these are taken in St. Jo where I was born. It was a great time walking the museums and hearing about the stories of the gateway to the West.