Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Missouri take 2

I covered a little bit of the city market it KC which was the closest thing to an event assignment I've had in months. Of course I didn't worry about idents and with limited lens selection (I only have an 18-50 2.8) I could only shoot so many angles that I wanted. Regardless it was fun to wander about shooting pictures.
As for the structure images I love seeing where other shooters work from so I always try to get a pic. I wish I had arranged for a tour and a little meet and greet with the photo editors at the papers so maybe next time. BTW the Kansas City Star has some of the best photo play I've seen from a rag. Very nice.
The bottom image is of the original Pony Express stables. It was a fun little tour and I enjoyed shooting with the hard natural light around me.

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