Monday, April 26, 2010

A Window of Utah

Spent a few minutes with the trusty 80-200 2.8 shooting through the window on my way to Utah this past week. This is my edited down selects. Whether you love or hate Utah those mountains are epic. P.S. None of these are really straight images if you were wondering. Oh, and number 2 is by where I used to work.

Poetry Cowboy Styliee

Cowboy Poetry Baby! This wasn't my first rodeo (pardon the pun) but it never gets old photographing raw poetry talent and drunk cowboys and cowgirls.

2 on 1

While two on one is usually a good thing for the two it didn't work out in this case. They caused each other to error and the runner made a clean slide.

Gun Slingers

After hanging out with Guys in Kilts I got to hang out with Cowboys with Guns. Quite the day. This was a lot of fun to see how my reaction time was with getting peak action of a quick draw. Not bad but tough to be spot on. Plus the light was horrible in this shooting range. Nonetheless I had a hell of a day between learning the history of Scottish games and learning how wild the West really was. It was a great day to be a photojournalist.

Scottish Highland Games

This was a practice for the upcoming Highland Scottish Games being held in Twin Falls. It was great hanging out with these guys and the ribbing that they all gave one another.

Medal of Honor

A naval officer who has long past finally gets the recognition he deserves after saving many of his fellow seamen during a battle in WWII. It took place in a little town but the church it was held at was overflowing with support.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back to Square One

Twins Falls baserunner gets back to first base during a game against Minico. During the game I noticed people chillin' out behind the right foul line so I decided I'd go back there and hang out for a bit. Now, I haven't shot from this angle in years usually cause I can't get to it or I'm not really allowed back there but I had what I needed so I headed back there to mix things up. I was really happy with this image at this angle but it ran small, dark and B&W which is fine but it just didn't look good when it ran so I'm giving it another shot in color on your computer screen. :)

Hardball during Softball

Great to see two highly competitive teams duke it out on the diamond. They split the series if I remember right.

Community Service

Due to budget cuts many of the state funded parks are in jeopardy of being shuttered this year. Well, the communities surrounding these natural treasures weren't having it and everyone from bikers to boy scouts showed up to get their hands dirty and plant some trees and do their part. It's nice to see diversity come together to accomplish problems.


Granted there's no face but I like the position of the ball and the clean background.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hillcrest Class of 1999

It's not perfect but I tried to clean it up and tone it some. Click on the image and then right click and you should be able to download it. It is however a copyrighted image from Panoramic West I do believe so you'll need to contact them before printing it legally. -DG
P.S. I'm toward the top on the right wearing a yellow hoodie with blonde hair. :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

1976 ReDux

Apparently no one told the class of 1976 that school was out. After a bunch of them got together on Facebook they decided to have a mini reunion and go vandaliz....I mean paint the rock in front of their old school. Considering the superintendent was part of their class I'm sure no one will get into trouble on this one and therefore the paper was invited to join in on the fracas.

MJ Session

These are some really bad scans of a 120 shoot I did back in 2001. These were the days that no digital camera could come close to film yet. Granted even today digital still can't really beat a 6X7 120 but who's shooting 120 anymore? I asked around yesterday on where the closest lab was to get some prints from 120 done, yeah try 250 miles. Anyways, going through the archive and coming across these made me think of a simpler time, a time when I didn't have deadlines and the only thing I cared about was getting a cool composition and a crazy lighting ratio. My advice to the veteran shooters out there if you're in rut, take a look at your earliest work and rekindle some of that passion.