Friday, July 31, 2009

A Quick 10 Years

Here's 36 of the apx. 250 students from my class. I had a great time and made some new memories with some old faces. Best wishes to all of them and a huge thank you to Tyson Parker, without him none of it would have happened.
Top Image) This is the image I cropped and tweaked.
Bottom Image) This is an untouched image, no cropping, toning, sharping, etc. If any of you want to print this image then the bottom one might be your best bet due to proportions and allowing your lab to start from scratch.
To download just click the image and then right click once it opens up in a new window.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Eyes of the Refugee

This was a Last minute assignment I was given on Saturday. I think it has real promise on being a serious project. Reminds me of Beth Schlankers project on Iraqi immigrants. As always fair and balanced is the name of the game. For me I was torn by their interviews, promised a better life, their shack in a Bhutanese refugee camp gave them far more security then a dire economy in an English speaking world. Granted their opportunities are far greater but so is their risk. Many wish they could be back home in Nepal or even back to the camps in Bhutan. I truly asked myself what I would want and I can understand their boggle. Trying to maintain a monthly rent with no work and competing for jobs with English speaking people or hell, even Spanish speaking people is a lofty task. I asked myself what I would do and honestly I don't have an honest answer for myself. What would you do?


I received a lesson in Sumo Wrestling the other day, learning about different techniques, the belt they use and the different weight classes. The two men in the the top image are both national champions. They put on a demonstration at a church gathering. (Why I have no idea) Neither of these images ran but I liked them for the blog.


This is Chewy, he's warming up the day with a few Mike's hard lemonades. Outside of having the guy at the gate tell me there's nothing going on and I should come back later (I couldn't due to other assignments) I had a great time bullshitting with hung over bikers and getting offered Bloody Mary's all morning (I declined). 


Here's a swim meet I covered the other day. It was the most organized one I've ever covered and it was put on by the YMCA. Everyone was on top of their game and nice to boot. I focused more on peak action then features due to the fact I'm not doing galleries anymore. (Hope that might change soon). Anyways, the pool was great to shoot at and hope to nail another one of these this summer. 

Friday, July 10, 2009


I shot this back in Feb. and forget all about them. Tareena is a new friend of mine and we decided to work together on a shoot. Outside of it being cold as hell we had a lot of fun with the shoot.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The AA Cowboys. Yee Haw!!!

The Cowboys (red/blue) smoked Walla Walla. I mean just killed them. 11-1 and the 10 run rule kicked into effect after the 5th inning. Good thing for the Cowboys because this was a make-up game and they had the grand daddy championship in just a few hours.

The typical 4th

The 4th of July. Kids play, parents laugh, and grandparents look on. Overall a tame 4th compared to the one in Idaho Falls, where two kids were shot by a stray bullet. I'll take tumbling in an inter-tube over that this year.

An Engagement

Samantha was a former high school intern at the paper who has fallen in love with Jeff here. She refused to let me recommend any other shooters in Utah and so drove up to Twin to see what we could come up with. Portrait work is always nice and it's what got me through college but it's never what I planned on doing in the long term. Regardless, it's nice to go back to my bag of tricks and also try and put a little candid flare into it as well. Hope they like em'. Drop me some feedback if you feel like it. Thanks.  

Thursday, July 2, 2009


These are of a rainbow that happened today. The color for some reason went orange as could be so I had to try some serious post production work on them but I think I got them close to normal. The wind blew like hell but I had fun shooting one of the best rainbows I'd seen in years. Thanks for looking. :)

Wild Art

I had heard about a water bottle duck tape race at the Buhl pool so I had to check it out for wild art. I had a great time hanging out with the pool employees and everyone seemed to have a ton of fun for what its worth. These are two that I liked but figured the paper probably wouldn't use so here they are for you to see. 


This was really fun. I had three assignments in one but it wasn't a big deal once I started shooting. I stayed up with the announcer most of the day and swapped dirty jokes and funny stories. I also received a great tan outta this. This is my favorite action shot, all the wreaks happened after I left of course. 

LDS Clean Up

A ton of nice LDS kids got together and spruced up the Burley Fairgrounds. Nice people, but as usual with nice people they try and get the "fly on the wall" involved with too many conversations which took me away from some of my shooting. Oh well, though right.


Just trying to be artsy on my birthday. Makes me want to shoot some more action still lifes.

Hiking It

This was a fun little hike I was able to participate in up by the Magic Mountain Ski Resort. Lots of kids playing with caterpillars and worms and parents able to get out and take in some of the beautiful country out here in Southern Idaho. Everyone was super nice and I got to hang out with our reporter Ben which turns out to have been at the Post Register at the same time I did my internship back in '05. Small Crazy World.