Monday, February 23, 2009

Dreams End

This is probably the best candid image of me at my former post as a photojournalist. It was on an Eagle Viewing outing with the governor. I remember being cold and tired that morning. Perhaps a bit groggy. I remember doing the usual bitching about revenue issues with the TV guys and not having our own company cars. lol. Ah, the little things back then. Once the gov. got there we all perked up a bit. I sat two seats behind Huntsman. I remember I was using my video camera as a telephoto lens. Actually worked really well. Leah had a 100-400 or something like that and Brandy had a friggin' 600 mm I think. He had spoken about how their paper was going to get video cameras and he was a tad nervous about it. Anyways, I remember focusing on the little one in front of me and of Huntsman and his daughter in front of her. I used a frame grab of Huntsman's daughter with him that his office ended up requesting from us. I remember thinking, Damn, wish it had actually been a frame and not a grab. Anyways, while I ramble here I guess what I'm really trying to say is this image helps embody why I loved my career. Seeing little eyes light up with joy after seeing an image I had taken. Chasing history down and finding the good and sometimes bad in people. Sigh, oh well, se la vie.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Painting with Light

I went around with an old friend from college and we took images around downtown Ogden. Great fun. She's in image 2. I hadn't shot images just for fun for a very long time. Of course, when I'd see an image I'd take it while on assignment but actually go out just to screw around with our cameras was a whole different ball game. :)

Bands of Battle

Covered the battle of the bands again this year. Last year i shot a damn video and had my flash fail on me. This time just stills and no flash problem. Yet looking back, I had better images last year. Was it due to a different location? I don't know but it didn't make me real happy. Guess it doesn't matter now.

Garn Knock-Off

Jake Garn is an awesome photographer out of the SLC area. When I saw a student at Northridge had used an image of his I had to tell him about it, and apparently you as well.

Hip Hop Ministry

This was the beginning of a project I had started. Doubt I'll ever finish it though. It was about former gang members coming together and teaching about Christ on their own terms and their own ways. Kinda cool, had some F@$$$%# great interview footage too. Oh well, I suppose.


This guy was an astronaut back in the day and now works out at ATK. Really stand up guy and I got a kick learning so much from him. He was talking to kids at the Youth Impact center.

Sunset Guinea Pig

Groundhog's Day using a guinea pig and a sunset instead of a shadow. It was great hanging out with the TV guys. One was a veteran and the other guy, well, he was a bit stressed with his live shot. I just wanted to get the shot and get the hell out of the cold. 

Circus Circus

Yeah, I hit the behind the scenes of a circus. It was cool as hell to hang out with the ring master and his bears. I wasn't really scared being in a cage with a couple of 1200 pounds bears. Maybe I really don't have any sense. :)

Reflection of School

This was an angle I was working during one of the SWARMS. As you can tell I was trying for the flares and the reflection to get something cool. Well, it didn't work out that great but I still ended up with a bit of a self portrait.

Jazzy Time

This was a typical Jazz game. It was fun hanging out with Melissa and the rest of the regulars. The only thing that I got from the game that was a bit unusual was the jubo shot of Harpring. 

Retiring doctor

Shot this back in December. For being a typical boring retiring doctor story, I felt I came across some really nice moments. Then again it was more like a family reunion then a retiring doctor story once I got there. I think the family was hoping to get their 15 min. of fame so I had to choose my shots wisely and make sure I was getting real candid shots. Regardless though they were great people and it sure in hell wasn't a bad way to get paid for an afternoon.


I had the chance to take on some senior portraits a while back and these were my favorite two images. I know they're both tight head shots but for studio work that's usually what I lean towards any more. Blame it on my tight is right syndrome from my sports shooting days. As for these young ladies they both have extreme potential to be great. I hope they look back at their images with smiles one day like I do my senior portraits. Then again, I took my own as well. 

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sundance Flare Last Year

I was looking through a fellow photographer's blog and he had a great finger shot. It reminded me of this top image. It's actually one of my favorites I took last year I think. The color, the layers, the energy. It almost looks staged yet it's completely candid. 
Back story: This was for Sundance last year. The story was how local venues were cashing in on the Sundance hype. This is a club in Ogden, claiming to be one of those venues. Granted I didn't see any stars but the fashion show and the dance music kept me entertained all night. Too bad the whole thing didn't get poppin' till around 11 and my deadline was at 9.