Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Canyon Jam

Top image is one of the first I shot and it's what ran. I like the moment and the fact it shows location. The second image implies what the event is suppose to be, good times with friends. While the third is a bit cliché I like the waterfall in the background and the fact it shows that unlike the top image there's more than two people there.


I rarely get shots at home plate period. While this is certainly not the best I've seen it is one of my better ones at the plate. Plus, to catch a catcher without his mask is often a feat in my mind.

Wild Horses

Wild horses being tamed. I have mixed feeling on the subject. Apparently while being wild they have limited food sources but at the same time I think as a person I would rather be free I guess it's sorta like the difference between Capitalism and Socialism. Be free and risk or be comfortable and assimilated. Let's hope these guys at least find good homes.


It's that time of the year again when kids get out and get wet. This was a camping story I covered with intrepid reporter Ben Botkin. Good times.


It felt like a little Deja Vué considering I had just covered the CSI graduation at the exact same location. Not to mention another reporter had shot another ceremony at the college the day earlier. So this is the third graduation at the same location in one week. While it was nice to know my angles it was also a challenge to try and find a new and unique perspective. I figured I had to jump into the trenches and try and find some sort of emotion. I think I found it with this image. I remember thinking about all my friends and where they were going to end up and doing many of these same high-fives 11 years ago. So I ran with this.

Field Trip!

This was great stuff. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel (pun intended) While it took me way back to go on a field trip with third graders it was weird to have the parents there being my age. It's odd to think I'm actually old enough to have a 9 year old. Anyways, after the fish hatchery we went out to the fossil beds and once again had a blast digging up fossils with a beautiful over look. It was a great day to be a photojournalist.


I decided to combine these images into one post for obvious reasons. The top one didn't run even though its a jubo image of the winning team. No matter I like it and here it is, granted I'm not a fan of the back of the head but oh well. As for the bottom image I got a call from my former photo editor out of Idaho Falls and was asked to cover my old high school rival the Bonneville Bees. They lost.

Shootin' Birds

Once again shooting birds from inside my bedroom with a 300 2.8. While I quickly slapped the lens on I went straight to shooting, ignoring one of the earliest rules my high school photography instructor taught me. While I did have my gear within 5 feet of me I didn't have it set up for immediate shooting. I had covered a low light assignment earlier and hadn't reset my ISO to a reasonable sensitivity. Hence, outdoor bird photos at 1600 ISO. lol.

Otto Pilate

Outside of terrible light this band was awesome to cover. I shot their practice in an old theater behind a local bar. I later watched them perform to a full crowd a week later.


While I was on limited time due to deadline this was a great little event to cover and all the drivers were really cool albeit upset at times due to their times. All in all it was a nice night out.

Iraqi Grub

Had the op to try a bunch of amazing traditional Iraqi food the other day with our awesome feature reporter Melissa Davlin. I was trying stuff I would normally shy away from but while she couldn't eat most of it for health reasons I got to enjoy some amazing dishes. Normally due to ethics I wouldn't touch food but it was cleared and encouraged by the bosses that be which eased my uneasiness.

Business of Baseball

While being a pitcher is certainly an A-Type personality usually this guy was having fun during a laid back practice slanging typical baseball slurs at his jovial teammates but once on the mound he was all business. I was able to get a few pitches out of him before the manager started getting concerned and cut my shoot short.