Monday, May 24, 2010

Geriatric Skydiving!

Jeanne Meyer, 70, jumped out of a prop plane for her birthday as some of her closest friends came to watch. Her husband may have been there as well but apparently no one told him what she was doing. When asked about it she sheepishly grinned and said "Oh, he'll find out about it tonight on the local news" which of course got me and Benito (KMVT reporter) laughing our asses off. Good natured and strong spirited Meyer's had a great time and so did I. Thanks.

Line of Sight

I've covered frisbee golf before. I've covered golf before. I've covered tournaments before. I have not covered a Frisbee Golf Tournament before though and while in doing so I was cussed out by this group of golfers for being in their line of sight. That's a new one for me especially since I was using a 300mm about 20 yards away from the bucket. See with Golf you're not supposed to shoot before the golfer makes contact with the ball, hence why golf shots are sometimes Extremely boring. While these guys didn't give a damn about me shooting through their throw they did care about being able to see me while doing it. Well, lesson learned guys. Thanks for not kicking my ass because I know that one of you was thinking about trying. :)

Ground Breaking

No Golden tipped shovels here! Apparently no one told these high schoolers with the Youth Council that a ground breaking was just a bunch of old dignitaries with shinny shovels performing a PR stunt. These kids were Breaking Ground for real. The reason you may ask is why and the answer is for a new BMX track on the south side of town. A pretty cool thing for some pretty cool kids.

Monday, May 17, 2010

CSI Graduation

Even while I had to cut it short due to deadline I still ended up with enough images for a slideshow. I didn't turn in many of these because I thought they didn't tell the story as well other more mainstream graduation images did so I'm sharing some of them here. If you've been following my blog for over a year then you may remember the fact that I didn't attend my own college graduation and so when I go to these events I get a kick out of the look of accomplishment on the students faces.

Softball Mayhem.

While it was a botched play it made for a chaotic shot which I don't always get during a game.

Taking out the Trash

Talk about spring cleaning, I covered another clean-up story. Around a dozen people showed up in the early A.M. while the wind howled and the cold was bitter and picked up tons of trash. To keep from freezing I jumped aboard a new front loader and rumbled along for the ride.

Mother's Day

Shot some of my Ma's tulips for a Mother's Day present. Wish I had a real macro. Oh and as for a side note I used a flashlight to illuminate the images so I could kill off the rest of the background along with a little help in curves.

CSI Car Show

Can't say I've ever shot an indoor car show, unless you count that time I was 12 at the Salt Palace in Utah. For the first student run show I would say it turned out to be quite the success. Oh and I had fun playing cat and mouse with the cute Army Reserve girl as well. :)

Johnny Horizon Day

I don't know where the name comes from but a lot of people get off their laurels and clean up the roads on Johnny Horizon Day.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Bird and its Nest

Outside one of my bedroom windows there's a tree about 5 feet away with a nest in it. Well, I finally got a shot of its tenant with a 300mm from inside the house.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Future of Soccer

This was my first experience covering a Youth Soccer Goalie Challenge and let me tell you it was entertaining as all hell. Watching these kids run around in a game half soccer half dodge ball was great fun and fairly easy to shoot.


Jon and Amanda are having a baby. Jon has been a close friend for years now but it was a real pleasure getting to know Amanda. Made my trip to Utah well worth it.


I was down around SLC a couple of weeks ago and popped off a couple of shots downtown.


Took a little stroll around Buhl, Idaho a while back with my trusty P&S and came up with a few diamonds in the rough so to speak. It was throughly a good time to get out and about and finally get a good look at my surroundings.