Thursday, October 29, 2009

Faceless Football

This isn't the ideal image for print but I liked the gritty rawness of the scene, the attempt at the strip and the power of the running game. Sums up high school football with two faceless players grinding it out.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lights Out, Camera On, Be Still!

I felt the urge to take a couple of shots tonight and this is what I came up with. Thanks Djamila for giving me the idea. The first one are Buhl, Idaho's town lights that I shot while jiggling the camera. 3 sec. f5, 1600 ISO, 50 mm. The second is an old chili plant I found. Odd, I know.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This is a 13th century icon in the Russian Orthodox Church. Told to be one of the most sacred ones too. It was really cool to feel the energy of close to 100 people pouring into a small room to kiss the Mother of God icon and I'm glad I could be a part of it as it reaches through history on it's way to SLC for a spell.


I've been shooting more and more of CSI Volleyball lately which is good for me. I think if you can shoot volleyball you can shoot anything. I know that's pretty general but the hand-eye it takes for this sport surpasses any that I've shot so far.

Soccer Battle

Cold as hell but fun to boot. Soccer is always fun to shoot.

Multi-Purpose Bridge

The Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls does a hell of a lot more than just allow traffic to cross the canyon. Home to hundreds of BASE jumpers each year it now offers a location for hope and suicide prevention events. Once again I was cursing my gear in low-light but as I've always said it's not your gear, it's what's behind it.

Sidelines of Past

This was one of those weeks where all the good teams played the bad teams. Looking at the score box almost every game was a blowout. Including the one I covered. This game made me look back on my experience with high school football dating back 12 years when I first started covering these games as a high school student myself. The memory that stuck out the most was when I met Post Register (former) staffer Randy Hayes. He had his F5 out with a 300 and an SB-28 speedlite. He popped a new roll of 1600 in and fresh batteries and fired off five frames in a second. That's when I knew I wanted to shoot sports. Twelve years later there I was on a HS sideline with a D1H, a 300 and an SB-800 speedlite. Very little had changed yet so much has in the last 12 years.
Footnote: The reason I bring up this story now is that I haven't shot a football game with flash in years due to using terrific newer Canon gear.


Health Fair: Includes dull booths all over the mall and one inflatable colon. Hmmm, what to shoot? Well, the amazing and disgusting colon has been shot for several years now so my other images of people getting their blood pressure taken is actually what ran. So I show you one of my colon shoots for the sake of posterity. Oh and I couldn't get the color to look right no matter what I did. Damn D1H!

Volley ball Take 267

CSI was ranked #1 in the NJCAA and were taking on rival NIC who was ranked #3 I believe. Hell of a fight I tell ya. This image was originally a vertical but I decided to crop it again for the post. I think it's stronger this way.
On another note, I really miss the Canon gear when shooting this sport. Reasons being #1 I am now shooting at 450 mm instead of 390 mm due to the tele conversion factor and with the Canon 300's I could pre focus just behind the net using the turn of the lens. It's still all good though.

Bed Racing

This was a last minute charity event for MS and you could tell. At the same time though those who showed up had a great time. I see this event doing nothing but growing over the years.

More Football

Just another football shot, if I didn't love shooting this stuff so much you wouldn't have to see so much of it.

UNPA Banquet

Last month I made it down to Utah for awhile and while there I got to go to the UNPA banquet receiving a HM in sports action and the coveted winner of the "Worst Photo of the Year" trophy. These are just a couple of shots I took while at the banquet. Thanks for everyone that was there, it's great getting to hang with the best photogs in the state, even if only for a min. or two. Special thanks to Trent, Eli, and Laura as well.

BASE Jumping

BASE Jumping around here is liking covering NASCAR in Daytona. It's typical, yet always crazy and amazing. A benefit of living in Twin Falls now is that this is one of the only if not the only place in America where it's legal to jump off a bridge. NPPA Clip here I come!

Typical Classroom

Just a little interaction in a classroom setting for an assignment. I only post this cause I call these images my Bethesque photos. My friend Beth and I shoot very differently (she gets all the awards :)) So from time to time I try and shoot a focal length closer to 50 mm. When I do I get photos closer to what I think are like hers. Anyways, for a boring classroom shot I think this one is one of my better ones. Thanks Beth for making me shoot outside my box! :)

Daylight Football

Granted it's not WSU daytime football but it still sure was fun. The atmosphere at these games are still way dumbed down compared to high school football in Utah. Weird.

Garden Variety

The silver lining of this shoot was simple. Drive around for an hour on country roads with no directions or contact info and get frustrated. Finally finding the place with golden light...Priceless.


This is now my sixth? rodeo I've covered I think. Nothing new really except I used to have to shoot a ton of gallery images and now I don't. You know how it's hell shooting the Broncs and trying to find out who just rode and then tack down their score, yeah I had a nice fan help me with most of that so my shooting experience was a notch or two above what it usually is. On the other hand once again on deadline I never get to shoot the whole thing.


This was one of several assignments I had while covering the Twin Falls County Fair. Granted this was a really fun easy gig but I'll tell you what these guys don't have anything on the EISF or the Utah State Fair. Nonetheless it was great getting out and shooting.

Dancing with a Pole

I really need to finish my project on this but for now here on some shots that I thought were dynamic. Nothing like building core strength right?

River Xing

This was a fun little event to cover. The reactment of the pioneer crossing on their way to the west. Thousands turned out on the windy nasty day to see a little bit of history cross their paths.

Jackson Hill Climb '04

I came across these going through some old archives the other day. I covered this really just for fun with my close friend and fellow photog Kort Duce. You can find his amazing portfolio here In addition to having a great time during my six hours on the side of a mountain I was almost ran over a few times. Talk about staying on your toes.