Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sidelines of Past

This was one of those weeks where all the good teams played the bad teams. Looking at the score box almost every game was a blowout. Including the one I covered. This game made me look back on my experience with high school football dating back 12 years when I first started covering these games as a high school student myself. The memory that stuck out the most was when I met Post Register (former) staffer Randy Hayes. He had his F5 out with a 300 and an SB-28 speedlite. He popped a new roll of 1600 in and fresh batteries and fired off five frames in a second. That's when I knew I wanted to shoot sports. Twelve years later there I was on a HS sideline with a D1H, a 300 and an SB-800 speedlite. Very little had changed yet so much has in the last 12 years.
Footnote: The reason I bring up this story now is that I haven't shot a football game with flash in years due to using terrific newer Canon gear.

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Djamila Grossman said...

nice frames, drew! i've definitely never shot football with a flash before. i imagine it's challenging. and you know, now that it gets dark so early, even the nice canon gear can't make dark hs fields look nice and shiny.
so what's your deal there...are you on full time again?