Thursday, August 21, 2008


So as I was covering a Battle of the Bands in North Ogden with an attendance of 38 people (Yes, I counted) and I saw this nice silo and went ahead and processed it. I'll get images of the actual battle later I'm sure but for now chew on this. ;)

Leaf Insect @ Night

Leaf insects are classified in the phylum Arthropoda , class Insecta, order Phasmida.
On my way to meet up with friends I was leaving the Villa and saw a leaf attached to the side of the stucco. On closer inspection I could see it was a sneaky insect. So instead of killing it or completely leaving it alone (which is what I would normally have done) I went back in and grabbed the 70-200 and popped off some shots. I was having so much fun I almost cancelled on my friends but later thought that would be in bad taste. Anyways, here are my selects. Feedback is always welcomed. :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

One Scary Train Station

One Scary Train Station coming on up. So I hadn't painted with my flash since high school really. Slow sync, rear curtain sync sure, but not painting. So I took our newest adorable Multi-Media Specialist Nicole out and painted her up. Did the whole BOO with a flashlight thing and so-on so-on. Even put my own unshaven face in the image to help fill the frame. Hope no one notices.

Raptors Galore

So your probably getting tired of seeing Raptors, Raptors and more Raptors from me but I work the late shifts and cover a helluva lot of well...Raptors baseball. I liked one due to the anticipation and number two because I couldn't help noticing that his leg was going way higher then most people's ever would.

Snuffed Out

So I get an assignment to hang out with Ned the Animal Control guy. Due to a great job our Beth S. did on a road kill audio slide show I decide to do one on Raccoons. So I shoot the living daylights out of this thing piece my audio together and wa la my Audio Slide Show is in place. My first customer is collegue Nick Short. After a few giggles he says to me "So you made a Raccoon Snuff Film Eh." I hung my head and mumbled "guess so" and posted the damn thing anyways. Check it out at the web site, you know the one.

Circle the Wagons!

I'll tell ya straight up these little covered wagons saved my hiny hiny hoe for the Bountiful Pioneer days. I got there on time but apparently they were a bit behind schedule. I had other shoots for the day so I on limited time I couldn't miss seeing all these miniture covered wagons circling around. Oh and as an added bonus I got to chill with Rick Egan for a moment too. (He was there for personal reasons so I didn't have to sweat trying to out-shoot one of the greats.)

Days of 47'

What's more american than Rodeo? Well in my third year covering Rodeos I still think Mutton Busting is child abuse. Men should have better things to do with their time than to try and master the lost art of riding bareback (it's just not safe ;) and a 20 oz of diet coke shouldn't cost me a $2 bill. On the other hand if we didn't give these characters a scene in the play we call life than what the hell would they really be getting themselves into? and that's just plain scary. :)

The Evolution

A bunch of pregant or recently pregant women out in a rural village some where in UT.

The Market Place

Shot the Farmers market back in July. I felt image one had decent depth to it. Number two embodied the youth which is probably going to be the last generation of small farmers. Then again what do I know? :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summerfest International

What a great shoot. The video was a bit tough to edit due to the amount I shot. The people I met were awesome. I recommend this event to everyone. Meeting people from Mexico to South Korea is always a thrill. :)
P.S. I had alot of trouble deciding how to crop the third one. It's almost full frame what do you guys think? Thanks Trent, I think it looks a hell of a lot better now.


You have got to love the second image. I'm shooting for the humor cat. all the way baby. The first image was fun just to the fact it's a high school kid playing with large puppets.

Media Day 4 USU

Okay, I'm a bit mthyed by this shoot. The lovely DesNews did an audio slideshow on Media Day for USU. I'll be the first to admit it was good, damn good. Here's my image thats similiar to the one the Des shooter had. Hope you compare the two sometime. The second image is a detail shot I fell in love with due to the big story is who's going to be QB n' for the Aggies when the season starts. I loved it because one of the reporters saw me take the image and immeditily tried to copy it with his cell phone. Best of luck to him. :P

Night out on Crime

Kids get to hang out with the coppers for a night turning on their lights, checking out the backseat of their cars, watching the K-9's work. Ya know all the good stuff. They spoke on anti-gang activity then 5 min. later I found a nice big tag right in the middle of the sidewalk they were speaking on. Found it funny myself. I took the photo but it didn't really fall into place for me so I leave this one to you instead.


A family gone homeless. Pregnant and rasing a family in a strange city this family seeks refuge at St. Anne's in Ogden.

Redneck Stonehenge

Okay, so Rhett Davis throws three cars down to create a "fence" cause his city slicker neighbors wouldn't go in halves on it. So I go out pop some shots off and do a little video of it. Well, like all the wierd shit I shoot it went international. Unlike any of my deep personal projects that I would hope would show a social or overall impact of the human condition this one found it's way all around the nation and beyond. The second image was suppose to run lead but the desk somehow changed that up so the portrait ran over the candid image. Oh well all wells and that's the way we like it.

Golf Advance

Love it when I get to work with cool pro golfers and get to shoot em' through impact. Because as we all know it sucks shooting golf tourney's due to only being allowed to shoot after that damn impact. Also, the pros never hit it in the sand it seems. Anyways, Summerhays is a bad ass and I wish him all the best in the upcoming tourney's.

Just another portrait

Okay, I'm not gonna lie. Our light kit went tits up so aka we don't have one. We also don't have flash cords for off camera flash. So what do you do when your in a planetium and need a portrait. Well, you use the directors halogen lights he has laying around for no apparent reason other than to save your ass. That's what you do. :)

Multi-Media: The Future

Tweens learning multimedia. They were attempting to shoot a music video. Some were there cause they "had to be" and others really did give a damn. I must say I was pumping the instructor for as much info on getting solid nat sound as possible. lol. Ya gotta love Po-Jo'n it.


Young Love. Another fun filled night at Lindquist Field. Nice light, nice fans, and solid baseball. I truly enjoy it. Oh yeah, third image is grandma praising God for not getting hit by a foul ball or her grandson. Yeah, trust me it was close.