Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summerfest International

What a great shoot. The video was a bit tough to edit due to the amount I shot. The people I met were awesome. I recommend this event to everyone. Meeting people from Mexico to South Korea is always a thrill. :)
P.S. I had alot of trouble deciding how to crop the third one. It's almost full frame what do you guys think? Thanks Trent, I think it looks a hell of a lot better now.


Fly on the Wall said...

I'd crop in from the right until that white was gone in the bottom. nice frame! said...
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Mike Terry said...

I like the horizontal crop as well. Ditto, gotta love that sexy half hidden eye....ooooohhhh.
ps. it isn't who you have to sleep with to get on my blog's who you don't have to sleep have to be celibate for 6 and a half years first....then your in like flint.....just kidding...sorry it took me so long.