Thursday, August 21, 2008

Leaf Insect @ Night

Leaf insects are classified in the phylum Arthropoda , class Insecta, order Phasmida.
On my way to meet up with friends I was leaving the Villa and saw a leaf attached to the side of the stucco. On closer inspection I could see it was a sneaky insect. So instead of killing it or completely leaving it alone (which is what I would normally have done) I went back in and grabbed the 70-200 and popped off some shots. I was having so much fun I almost cancelled on my friends but later thought that would be in bad taste. Anyways, here are my selects. Feedback is always welcomed. :)


Djamila Grossman said...

yeppers. it's all about the little bananas, drew!

Anonymous said...

We found one outside our home, do you know the actual name?