Friday, January 23, 2009

Sundance 22nd

I went back to Sundance for a third installment. This time without my video camera. There was no way to get it up on the site for the day anyways, plus, I really wanted to give my still cameras a workout. I ran across Mike Terry and had some great conversation. It was cool to watch him work the scene as well. Out of this set of images I probably like the one of Woody with his camera. It's the most candid image I probably got in a not very candid world of Sundance.

NBA Something Different

I had an assignment just a couple of blocks from the game and just a couple of hours before so I asked on the fly if I could shoot the game too. I didn't have the typical gear though. No 300 mm 2.8. I figured I still had two bodies though and decided to have some fun with the wide angle stuff. I figured, Hell, I volunteered to cover this thing anyways, so anything I give em' will be better than what they had, and if it's not let em' pull from the AP. Don't worry, I still gave sports plenty of 70-200 stuff as well.

Sundance Day 1 and 2

It was fun, but not too much fun, Classy but sorta raunchy too. Thumbs up? Yeah, I suppose.

STEP'n it UP

I was a bit hesitant when I walked into the STEP house. The characters were suppose to be a bit seedy and have some sort of mental illness of one type or another. But, when I got there I was welcomed with open arms by some of the most genuwine people I've met in Utah thus far. Kind people, people who just want to laugh and play GinRummy. Great place, great times, great people.


Big ass fire in Woods Cross. Not the first time this has happened, just the first one I've covered. Plus, I got to hang with Jim from another paper. Great dude.

More Food Images

This was a great little cafe on historic 25th street that I covered for a resturant profile. Great people. So I thought to myself, hey Amanda and I are suppose to do lunch this week, I'll take her here. Then as we get there it's closed. Noon on a Monday and the fu*&^'n place is closed. Stupid.


This lovely girl is quite ambitious. As she rolls up to the formal dress shop in a new Beamer SUV and jumps out I wonder "Where the hell do these kids get these toys" Then I realized I was in the heart of Davis County. As a kind girl she's trying to raise 500 dress donations so other less fortunate girls at her school can have prom dresses. She's doing it for a basic marketing class to top it off. I really do admire people like her, I hope her kindness never wears off.

A North Ogden Sunset

I was at a Sr. center in N. Ogden and while killing time and talking to older folks I glanced outside to see this pretty sunset, so I took a few photos.


Don't slip on black ice, cause this could be YOU! Poor guy.

Kinda Weird

I don't know. I just thought it was kinda a strange relation with the sign, the black cat and the black cat reflection. You tell me.


Nicole (the internet girl) and I had a spare moment and I had been complaining that she needed a new facebook image so we went and had a fun moment making this image.

The Message

A couple of Xmas stories as usual. The top one was alright, I got to hang with Mitch who's a cool reporter from our Davis Bureau. We got stuck in some snow up in Eden and I had to push us out. What fun! As for number 2 I came across this gentleman trying to load all his goods he received from the mission onto his bike. He was a kind soul and I tried to speak with him as best I could but my Spanish sucks. I showed the image to a bunch of grade schoolers that want to start a newspaper. I used it as an example of the kids needing to get everyone involved in the paper not just the popular kids. I think it sent a strong message, at least I hope.

Fun at the Weber

Had fun shooting some Weber basketball. Lots of loose balls.

Sports and their Features

Just a little scramble and a fun feature at a girls prep game.


First image is a woman singing. I was impressed with the light though considering it was in a room at a church at night. Second image was a couple of actors in the studio, they were fun to work with.

Deck the Halls

I was running through the halls of a hospital photographing a huge mass of tweens singing. I thought to myself "How the hell am I going to show the scope of this?" Then I looked up and saw this cool reflection.

Rob Me!!!!

A credit union was robbed in Ogden...The same one was hit again two weeks later...Still no real suspects...


Endless stacks of various plastic/wires at a recycling plant. Watching this guy was really something, he could take apart a computer monitor faster than you can jump up and down say'in Holy Moses!


My editor noticed this shot and since I seemed to be the only one in the office with their gear, I stepped outside and popped a few shots off.

Joy Ridin'

I liked how you could feel his joy.

Dreams End

I liked the composition on #1 and thought this sign near the suspects home was appropriate due to the fact he ended his own life the day before thanksgiving.

Wildcats Vs. Aggies

Couple local teams going at it. The drive was hell but the ball game was solid.