Friday, January 23, 2009

Sundance Day 1 and 2

It was fun, but not too much fun, Classy but sorta raunchy too. Thumbs up? Yeah, I suppose.


Djamila Grossman said...

wait, those are nice photos...did you turn them in or did they ever run?

Drew said...

I shot a couple of them on Day one at the party after I transmitted for the day. (party didn't start till 10) At which point they were old news for day two. On day two I tried to shoot cool stuff, but none of it worked out for the day and the desk already had other celb photos which I didn't have. Hindsight says I should have at least sent in the images from the night before but I figured I'd get better stuff on day 2. Oh well, at least we tried.

Chris Detrick said...

nice light.