Friday, October 24, 2008


X/C was good exercise for me. It was a cool day so there was far less vomit then usual which was nice. Overall it was a solid shoot considering how exciting it is to photograph people running. I was happy with my jube shot of the Davis winner. Did a slideshow too.

V is for Volley

Damn it! I'm gonna get that V ball shot if it kills me. lol.

Soccer Punched

As you may already know I was nailed by a soccer ball from a bout 15 yards away a few weeks ago...and it sucked. This girl is about to get pummeled by one from 2 feet out. Ouch!


Love almost getting nailed by a sledge hammer. At least it's a cool angle right?

Horse Show

High School kids riding their horses and showing off. You know this makes for good art. Plus, it was a really nice day for it and I got to hang out with our precious reporter Brook(e)? Nelson.

Soccer Galore

Image one. Thought it was a cool moment. Coach saving a girl laying down from getting a rude awakening. priceless!
Image two. Jube and Dejection in one. It's been an issue for me with Soccer for some damn reason this year.
Image three. Seriously. The cross bar falling down to cancel a goal? Really...Ok guess So.
Image four/five. Great action between these two. The girl in yellow was a Soph. I was impressed.

Welcome back

Sorta a candid image. We were waiting for their son to come over for the image and I captured this instead. We ran a different image but the light on this one was nicer hence I post it here. Anyways basically this guy just got back from Iraq and bought a Harley in CA and drove it here to UT. The street was lined with flags, alot of flags.


I liked this image. Do you? The color just pops.

Two Views of the Patch

I did this a bit different then normal. I had the time and decided to take out only the video camera and try and stay focused only on my videography. Have fun with the interviews, shoot the steady shots, ya know try and make it as "professional" as possible. Then after about 45 mins. of that I put the video away and brought out the still cameras and a smile lit across my face as I went to what felt like another assignment. Putting the gears into motion shooting as a still photographer would. Fly on the wall or in this case pumpkin, and shot a completely different set of kids since the first ones had left by then. The shot I've showcased here is my personal favorite but one that I didn't think would run. Turns out this is the shot that ran which I'm not sure tells the story the best but I still dig it.


Hanging out at the Ogden-Hinkley Airport. Laid back taking pics of the 2 million dollar new taxi way. I was told there were 8 peeps at the ribbon cutting ceremony. One of them was a congressman. Talk about a PR stint gone wrong. lol. On another note I got slightly concerned when I got into the "new tower's" elevator and saw a rotary phone. I thought "sweet baby Jesus" I haven't seen a rotary phone since my grandparents place.

Football Fun

After I saw this shot all my others seemed medicore. One of my favs for the season so far.

What the F%#$

Now I'm not one to say that guidelines, protocol, or Policy shouldn't be written down and understood but one of the first things I saw on the board as I walked into a daycare for a shoot the other day was this fun little sign. I had to shoot it for all of you to see. I now have it hanging in my cube as well. hehehe.

Mark it down

Have I mentioned I love my new Mark III. Well, for canon products anyways. :) AWB shoots a bit blue but I haven't fiddled with all the custom Funtions yet. Here's some of my first sports shots with the III except for the serve shot. I had the 300 on the III and the AF seemed really solid. I was giddy to see the shoot. As for the matches themselves they were pretty predictable as far as winners go. Makes matching up Art with Story a hell of a lot easier for us.


Two unbeaten teams. Same Region. Biggest rivals. Northridge has something to prove. Layton has something to defend. I've got goose bumps just going back to that night. So much fun, wish I could have stayed for the whole game but as deadline would have it I only shot the first half. No matter the fans were great the cheerleaders were cool and I had a great time running the field with Mike Terry and Chris Detrick. Watching how we all viewed the game and how we went about shooting it as one man bands. This wasn't was a good time, it was a GREAT time. I'll remember this game as probably the best one of the regular prep season.

V Ball search

Still searching for my portfolio pic. Shot Vball at Ogden the other night. 4 out of thier apx 20 lights were out in an already dark gym. Tough.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Rio Tinto Stadium

Got to ride down with our Sports reporters and cover the first RSL game in Rio Tinto Stadium. To say the least it was a complete BLAST!!! Between hanging out with Trent, Mike, Jeff, Scott, Doug, and Michael, I had a great time and it's a real pleasure working with some of the best shooters in the state if not the country.

Javier's Profile

Like I've said before I really dig taking food shots. Hahaha

More Swarm

Three more images I liked out of the take during the Swarm at Bear River.

Bear River in a Swarm of Journalists

I covered two high schools for Swarm over the past couple of weeks. Now for clarification we go in for only one day and shoot our tails off. Then two weeks later we go to another school and do it all over again. Then two weeks after that apx. we publish the whole thing in our two editions. I usually end up shooting a little over 2,000 frames throughout the day having fun with the students and reliving what HS was all about for me ten years ago. I feel these are the most challenging assignments of the year at times but usually with the greatest pay off and photo play we'll get all year.