Friday, October 24, 2008

Two Views of the Patch

I did this a bit different then normal. I had the time and decided to take out only the video camera and try and stay focused only on my videography. Have fun with the interviews, shoot the steady shots, ya know try and make it as "professional" as possible. Then after about 45 mins. of that I put the video away and brought out the still cameras and a smile lit across my face as I went to what felt like another assignment. Putting the gears into motion shooting as a still photographer would. Fly on the wall or in this case pumpkin, and shot a completely different set of kids since the first ones had left by then. The shot I've showcased here is my personal favorite but one that I didn't think would run. Turns out this is the shot that ran which I'm not sure tells the story the best but I still dig it.

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