Friday, February 6, 2009

Sundance Flare Last Year

I was looking through a fellow photographer's blog and he had a great finger shot. It reminded me of this top image. It's actually one of my favorites I took last year I think. The color, the layers, the energy. It almost looks staged yet it's completely candid. 
Back story: This was for Sundance last year. The story was how local venues were cashing in on the Sundance hype. This is a club in Ogden, claiming to be one of those venues. Granted I didn't see any stars but the fashion show and the dance music kept me entertained all night. Too bad the whole thing didn't get poppin' till around 11 and my deadline was at 9.


Brooke said...

No stars, huh? Don't you think the guy up top flipping the bird kind of looks the kid from Home Alone?

Drew said...

lol, yeah Brooke I suppose your right. However I don't think he's flipping the bird I think it's a W. :)