Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jazz Vs. Lakers Game 6 Western Conf. Semi-Finals

Sorry it took so long to get these posted after seeing Trent's go up I decided to get some of mine up as well. This was the most exciting game I'd ever been to. Nothing to lose for the Jazz and I'm sitting next to Andrew Bernstein (#1 NBA Photographer) and Chris Detrick (who we all know is one of the top sports shooters in the country now) So to say the least I was pumped up. Hell, I was even cleaning all my gear like I was getting ready to go into battle or something. lol. All in all it was a great game, sorry the Jazz had to lose, I would love to shoot into June sometime.

This was meant to be our lead but the PIC said the ftp had went down and Sports ended up using all AP photos. It made Matt and I sick to our stomachs after busting our asses for hours.

My "Trent-Like" hand photo.
Sums up the season. All-Star Boozer resting his hand on the Jazz throttle.


William DeShazer said...

Solid shooting man! I've never shot NBA. I imagine it's intense. Good Job!

Fly on the Wall said...

great stuff, Drew!