Monday, February 22, 2010


Top image is of Josten Thomas, one of CSI's top players. Due to violation of team rules the man-child was not allowed to play in Saturday's game against NIC. I always wonder what "Violation of Team Rules" means. Did he get arrested? Maybe he just pissed off a coach. Who knows, either way I think the general public probably assumes the worst which is why I just wished the college would come out with the real reason instead of burying it in jargon.
Image two was taken during a really cool pre-game introduction to the likes of which rivals Utah Jazz games. TV guy and I both got goose bumps during it. Image three was a stall tactic for me making a dumb mistake. I sat at the defensive side of the court at the beginning of the game and instead of wasting valuable shooting time I decided to shoot on that side for a few moments waiting for a foul to take place in order for me to move to the other side.
The bottom two images were just moments that I liked so here they are.

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Madeline and Family said...

Keep those shots coming. I can't get over how awesome they are! I really need to meet up with you and get some help with a few photography questions. BTW, I haven't forgot about sending you those things. It's just been a little crazy around here. I found the box they were in and I am working on it. Catch you later.