Monday, February 22, 2010


Hazelton, a small town in Southern Idaho became the "Capital for a Day" on Friday and the Governor with most of his cabinet were in attendance. This was my first time meeting Idaho's Governor and he seemed like a fairly down to earth kinda guy wearing blue jeans and a big cowboy belt buckle. I worked the scene like a typical photog, shooting wide at first and slowly working myself closer to the front row. Once in front and while the Gov. was talking about tourism in Idaho I noticed he was wearing a Park City, Utah belt buckle and had to make this photo. It didn't run and I almost didn't even turn it in but I was in a giddy mood and figured what the hell. Once I made the second image during a recess I knew I had what I needed and headed out.

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Madeline and Family said...

What?!!! I just saw him over Christmas. He and my dad are close friends and yes, the belt buckle seems to be his signature. Can I send these photos onto me dad? Let me know. They are great!